The Champion of What If

The Champion of What If is my solo instrumental project (hi, I’m Matt, a Boston based musician).  The Champion of What If’s music consists of songs created in a blender.  Ingredients: 2 heaping scoops of pop, 3 dollops of classical, a splash of folk, a sprinkle of experimental, and a sprig of natural flavoring.

Listen to some current and completed projects:

If My Life Were An Indie Movie (2016)

Apparition (2016)

Conversation Pieces (2016) Each piece is inspired by a conversation I have with another creative on my Thought Mixing Bowl podcast. You can listen to the conversations at

Solo Piano EP (2016) This album features 3 pieces from a live concert.

Process Etudes (2016) Each piece was created by investigating different creatives’ processes and focusing on a handful of their ideas to base a piece around.

The 50 Project (2015) For this project I wrote 50 instrumental pieces in 52 weeks.

Songs For Katie (2013)

Flat Mountains (2010)



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